Chocolate Chunk Cookies with Measles

I have been doing a lot of baking and I decided to share with you a cookie that is either a success or failure.  I don’t know what to call it but I do know that I love to eat these.  When I say, I am going to share this with you, that is a lie, an absolute lie.  I am not going to give you the recipe or even tell you whose recipe, it is.  No, I am not selfish.  You should know better than that.  I am, actually, embarrassed.

I can’t figure out, what I did wrong, with this recipe.  I followed the directions as presented except for using all dark chocolate rather than half milk chocolate and half dark chocolate.  I can’t imagine that making my chocolate act as it did.  I even put the chocolate through a strained to get rid of the small pieces.  In the baking book, I used, there were luscious pieces of chocolate sticking out of the cookies and you will see mine just melted into the cookie and almost turned these into completely chocolate cookies.  As I said, they taste terrific.  Chocolate is chocolate and it tastes good.

I welcome suggestions as to what I have done wrong.  I am going to make these again and no matter how they turn out, it is my plan to share where they come from, with you.  In the meanwhile, this will be my secret.

I leave you with the question – have you ever been afraid that the author of the cookbook will come upon your recipe?  In this case, I am petrified.

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2 comments on “Chocolate Chunk Cookies with Measles

  1. If one of the authors of a recipe ever came by my post of their food, I wouldn’t mind. Cooking and baking varies so much depending on your ingredients and your equipment. Your cookies look great!

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