Cook Perfect Brown Rice

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My husband is the rice maven, in the family and when I told him about this new method, I came across on the Internet, he wanted to try it.  He did just that and sure enough, we had perfect rice.  This does not work if you are cooking your rice in soup or some other liquid, other than water.  Give it a try and you  may to find that there is such a thing, as sure-fire rice.

As an aside, I don’t make the rice anymore.  I ask my husband to do it since he raves about “his way”, so often.   Wouldn’t you know it?  I am now humming, Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.”

This is such an easy way to make rice without measuring, yet turning out perfect rice, each time.  Try it.  Then you will believe it.

 Cooking Perfect Brown Rice      

Take as much brown rice as you will need.  This you should measure.  Check the directions for how much rice to use to get your required amount.  I, usually double it, which means for each cup, I use two cups of water.

Rinse rice once.  (Put it in a strainer with smaller holes and run cold water over it.)

Take a large pot and put at least 5 cups of water in this pot.  Boil water.  (For about two cups of uncooked rice.  You could also put in 6, 7, 8 cups of water.  It does not matter.

Add rice to boiling water.

Stir rice once or twice.

Do not cover.

Maintain a slow boil for 45 minutes.

Turn off heat.

Drain water from pot.  Cover and let sit for twenty minutes.

Fluff with fork and enjoy.

It does take longer but it is low maintenance.

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6 comments on “Cook Perfect Brown Rice

  1. I am horrible, HORRIBLE at cooking rice, lol. I even have a rice cooker that I just toss it in and it’s supposed to cook it, but I somehow can’t even get good rice from that.
    Thanks for linking up! I’m going to check out those banana rice pancakes now, they look yummy!

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