I Stand Alone

I feel almost sad that I stand up to our society today.  I am referring to cell phones. 

Yes, I do have a cell phone which is almost ten years old and doesn’t even take photos.  It is terribly outdated but then, it is rarely on.  I use it, only for outgoing calls.  I don’t want to be a slave to the telephone.  I don’t want it going off during class.  I don’t want my real-life conversations interrupted.  I, even want to get through this post without interruption. 

I see the value of being able to be reached, at any moment, and I certainly understand the value of making phone calls, whenever necessary.  While the smart phone or whatever it is, people mostly use, certainly is considered progress, in a variety of ways, it is also, in my opinion, a detriment to society.

Is it right to use a cell at work?  How much time do people spend on it, when they are supposed to be doing something else, they are being paid for?

Have you sat at a dinner in a restaurant or a party and looked around?  What do you see?  I was at an engagement party, the other day and I looked at the ten people, at my table, each either texting or checking the ding that just rang.  While, they talk to those around them, their fingers work the buttons and they are simultaneously having another conversation, at your expense.  Who are they really paying attention to?  You?  The person at the other end of the text message? No one?

It was a beautiful day and I took a walk and person after person, walking in the other direction, looked like they were muttering to themselves.  No, they were talking to someone.  Then, there was the couple, holding hands, walking along, each speaking to someone else, ignoring each other.  How romantic.

How many people talk to each other, anymore?  We have emails and texts…..no need for human conversation.  Will our children be able to speak intelligently?  They will know how to play games, send emails that look like this, “how r u? Want to c a movie? Meet u later.”  No need to spell.

Driving while texting or even talking is a distraction and certainly dangerous to others.  How many people do you know who text while they drive?  It almost makes me want to stay off the road?  Is it a lack of respect for human life to be so glib about driving?

Are we going forward or backward?

Let me end my rant by telling you that I did not write this to insult anyone or reprimand you.  This is a pet peeve of mine and I would like to know, if others feel this way.  I would also like to know, how to handle a person you are speaking with, who is taking call after call and texting, while you attempt to impart information?

Final questions……do we really have that much important material to convey?  What are people talking about?  Is it important?

4 comments on “I Stand Alone

  1. I feel the same way! I also have a very old phone. No picture taking capabilities. I think if I tried to text, it would explode. So, no, I don’t text. And, yes, people find that very strange. But I don’t care! I think there is value in not being accessible every minute of the day. There is value in having your own private time, in being unplugged and alone with your own thoughts. (I feel the same way about Facebook status updates too). When I taught, the second class was over, everyone was grabbing for their phones. They couldn’t stand to sit 1 hour without being connected to the darn things. I now work in a library where we have a no cell phone policy (yeah, right…like that happens). People will sneak into restrooms and the back hallway to talk on their phones. Since voices echo from both places, we can hear them and the conversations are very rarely important or emergencies.

  2. You are not alone! I actually don’t have a cell phone yet. That is going to change soon, because now that our kids are grown and married, we are going to start taking some weekend trips and want to be able to be reached in case of emergencies. But it won’t be used much. Even our home phone isn’t used all that much. I agree with Michelle above; there is much value in NOT being accessible every minute. And people are becoming so rude. I had a conversation with an aquaintance that used a headset phone, and she just started talking to someone on the phone without even a nod to me. It took me a minute to realize that she wasn’t talking to me anymore. I walked away rather hurt, and she never seemed to notice.
    Our church has a phone-off policy during services, but every service someones phone rings at least once. Sigh-I could go on forever. I’m all for progress, but I sadly think that all of our so called conectedness is not good for our society. Sorry I went so long-I actually could complain more, but I’ll give your eyes a rest ! :)

  3. I also have an old cell phone – it does text and take (crappy) photos, but it’s certainly no smart phone. My partner has one and compulsively checks it all the time – when we’re out walking and have to wait for a light to change to cross a street, out comes the smart phone (at least until I order him to put it away!). They have useful functions that don’t necessitate being rude to others, so I may cave and get one eventually (though I also can’t deal with how expensive they are – I can spend that money on so many other enjoyable things if it’s not being eaten up by phone bills!), but I agree with all your complaints about people being on their phones when they should be experiencing the moment and the people they are actually with, instead of staring into the little lighted screens. So annoying!!

  4. Don’t forget there are always 2 sides to technology. Cell phones have allowed rescue workers and police to reach situations in much more expedient fashion. They’ve enabled some work to be done in a quicker basis since it can be done on the spot without having to run back to the office. They’ve allowed internet technology to be accesible to those who may not be able to afford a computer.

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